• Trump Can’t Kill The Electric Car

    Originally published in Bloomberg Gadfly  The upshot is that, while U.S. momentum on fuel economy may well slow under Trump, any automaker that considers itself a global player won’t be able to simply halt work on next-generation vehicles. The added kicker: Selling more SUVs and trucks could generate more R&D dollars to go into that …

  • Are Global Tech IPOs Really Overvalued?

    Originally published in Bloomberg Gadfly Everybody’s worried about a tech bubble. Unicorns prance everywhere, and, well, bubble. But however lofty the valuations of privately-held start-ups may be, the track record of tech firms gone public isn’t so troubling — at least not when you compare them to IPO alumni in other sectors.

  • World Water and Sanitation, 25 Years Later

    Originally published in The Wall Street Journal Interactive In the 25 years since the World Health Organization/Unicef Joint Monitoring Programme began to document the world’s access to drinking water and sanitation, a lot has changed. Explore, country by country, access to water and sanitation and see what’s changed since 1990.

  • Diversity in Tech

    Originally published in The Wall Street Journal Interactive Last year a number of major tech companies released information on the racial and gender make-up of their employees. As those companies release 2015 ‘diversity reports,’ we’ll be updating this interactive to see how tech companies compare with the previous years and with other companies in terms of …